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He is getting old Cr7


“If it were up to me I would only play important games,” he said. “Those of the national team and the Champions League. Those with something at stake, with a difficult environment, with pressure.”

Those are the words of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has admitted that if he could, he’d only play games for the national team and in the Champions League. Given that CR7 is starting to get on a bit in terms of years, some won’t be surprised by this whatsoever.

The idea of a footballer playing part time would probably make the heads of many pundits explode, but either way, it feels like Ronaldo is going to continue to change the game right up until the day he retires.

Based on current evidence, though, it doesn’t seem as if retirement is on his mind until at least a few more years down the line. Of course, many hope it doesn’t happen for quite a while.


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