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Man Sues His Wife 24 Hours After Marriage After He Saw His Bride Without Her Make-Up On


A traumatized man thought he’d married the love of his life, a woman with both inner beauty and outer beauty.That is until he saw his bride without her make-up on. It was like the mask had come off. Now he’s suing for fraud and trauma.

The man, who hails from KwaMashu in Durban, married his new wife in all her finery, apparently saw her in his room after the wedding and refused to believe that she was his wife without her make-up.

Speaking to iMzansi, the man said “She tricked me. I feel like a fool. I should have seen her without makeup.” The wife, Mildred who originally hails from Zimbabwe, said she did not understand why Lindo was acting ‘childish’. ‘Why is he acting like my punani gets makeup?” she said while pointing to her honey pot. “He enjoys it but now because of my face without makeup he is filing for divorce. I am going to fix him’

The jilted man went to the home affairs to nullify the marriage and said he was actually thinking of opening a fraud case against the now ex wife.


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