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10 bizarre women you won’t believe exist


Ericka Ervin
She is 6’8, and struggles for most of her life for her height until she found love and became one of the most famous women worldwide


The “Living Barbie” is one of the weirdest people in this list, because she isn’t only of the most famous Barbie impersonators, but also had a singing career and a very popular instagram page

Mayra hills

With a breast size of over 56-28-36, Mayra hills has the world record of the world biggest breasts! Her breasts are so big, each one has over 10,000 cc of saline water


Known as the “Anime Girl” Anastasia uses a mix of make-up and clothes to achieve her very distinctive looks

Sarah Massey

More than all of the Kardashians combined, Massey’s gigantic 7 foot wide butt requires a pair of 10XL trousers stitched together to barely cover it

Asha Zulu Mandela
Rapunzel would be jealous of Asha’s hair, because her locks measure over 19.5 feet long and weigh over 25 pound

Chanel tapper

With her mouth closed, she could look almost normal. But when she opens her mouth you can see her freakishly long tongue measuring over 3.8 inches!

Abigail and Britany

These italian twins are not only famous for being cute, but also for being conjoined and sharing almost all body parts


Supatra has a condition called Ambras Syndrome, which causes hair to appear all over her body in great amounts!


Duangjay Samaksamam arms weigh over 20 pounds! This condition has an unknown origin, and she has suffer from it for more than 20 years


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