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Shocking Story Of 10-Year-Old Girl Who Got Pregnant After Being R*ped By Her 15-Year-Old Brother


A ten-year-old girl has found out she is eight months pregnant after allegedly being r*ped by her teenage brother.

The child, from Posadas, in the northern Argentina province of Misiones, was taken to hospital by her mother after complaining of abdomen and back pains
When doctors checked the unnamed girl, they found that she was eight months pregnant. She then revealed that her 15-year-old brother had raped her, according to local reports.

The doctors referred the case to a special women-only

These special police stations are geared towards the needs of survivors of gender violence.

According to local media, the victim did not understand properly what was happening and said that she was raped by her older brother only once.

The Department of Social Development reported that the brother of the victim, whose name has not been revealed, has been removed from the family.

The Head of the Department of Childhood of the Ministry of Social Development, Ana Maria Pereira, said that the pregnancy the girl is undergoing is risky for both her and the foetus.

Periera said the baby’s grandmother will be granted custody over the child. The Justice Department wants the pregnant girl to continue with her schooling after birth.

Local media report that the mother of the girl knew nothing about the sexual abuse in her family and was shocked to find out her daughter was pregnant.

As the boy suspected of raping his sister is a minor he cannot be charged. He is now under the custody of his aunt after initially being sent to a centre for children involved in legal conflicts.

The victim has five other brothers and all of them are living together in the neighbourhood of Santa Rita, in the city of Posadas.

According to social services workers who visited the house, they are living in good conditions.
police station and the case is being investigated by the minors’ judge Marcela Leiva and prosecutor Maria Laura Alvarez.
Source: Daily Mail UK


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