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Grace Mugabe Mnangagwa Haatonge 3 years Mirai Muone


Grace Mugabe: Mnangagwa will not last 3 years. The embattled former first lady who is facing eviction from Teviotdale Farm, situated in Harare’s Pomona area, reportedly ran riot and hurled insults at the aggrieved land claimants, accusing them of being Mnangagwa loyalists sent to eject her from the property. Grace allegedly chased away the land claimants with the aid of mercenaries whom she had hired, going against a court order that nullifies her ownership of the property.

Former Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe is reported to have recently launched a scathing attack on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government during a stand-off with three landowners who were disposed of their land during late former President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

DailyNews reports that, prior to the fracas, Grace quizzed the trio what they wanted and who had sent them, before warning them that Mnangagwa’s time was running out. Speaking to the publication, one of the aggrieved claimants Sahungwe Hungwe said;
When she came to the farm she asked ‘kuti matumwa nani’ (who sent you) and warned that tables could turn within three years, and we would not have anywhere to run.
She told us that we don’t know politics and that we should not be used by the government.
‘Makajaira kutonga nyika se tuckshop,’ which loosely translated means governing the country poorly.

The three-Adonia Makombe, former Dynamos Adonia Makombe, former Dynamos executive member Nyika Chifamba and Sahungwe Hungwe, who were armed with the High Court order of consent, had gone to the farm with their offer letters from the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement as well-giving them the right to occupy 104 hectares of the 310-hectare farm.

We tried to use the option of the High Court and went to the farm to occupy our land, as Grace was playing a delaying game by continuously indicating that she would appeal against the High Court judgement that went in our favour.
We also wanted to make sure that she doesn’t start farming on our land and then use that as a basis for her continued stay. When she came in the company of her bouncer, she claimed that the farm belonged to her son Chatunga…. and because of the aggression of the bouncer, we decided to leave an made a report at Borrowdale Police Station.


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