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Plane in Zambia is smashed by hail, hit by lightning


Incredible images of the after-effects of a plane flying through a storm in Zambia have been shared on social media.

The Proflight DHC-8-300 was flying between Livingstone and Lusaka when it hit a severe storm. The plane was struck by lightning and pelted with hail.

Local news outlet Mwebantu shared the post of a passenger who was onboard.
“Just landed in Lusaka on a flight from Livingstone,” wrote Savannabel.

“Our plane, in a wild thunderstorm, was struck by lightning just after we started our descent. We dropped like a stone, our ears went berserk, and it took a few minutes before we were beyond the hail and wind.

“I have to really take my hat off to the @proflightzambia pilots. They not only did their best to take us out of the storm as quickly as possible, but they landed with great calm and professionalism.

“Phew! Back on terra firma with a stiff drink in hand, thank God.”

Commentators are calling for the pilots to be named and rewarded.


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