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3 year old missing American boy found dead in China 🇨🇳


November 3rd, the expat community of China woke up to the news of a missing American little boy only identified as Liam in the business city of Guangzhou, China. According to the notice, the little boy was last seen alone around 11.50pm local time in a building near Metro Station Taojin.
As usual, all social platforms ran the Lost Child Alert and the news spread.

It was talk of the day as people awaited the safe return of the boy. He was just a liitle boy and obviously people expected him to be reunited safely with his parents by anyone who found him. By 3.20pm, November 4th Liam was still missing and another search party was scheduled for 6pm in an effort to find the 3-year old boy, however was called off moments later.
To the horror and shock of all foreigners and China at large, Liam was reportedly found but dead. Tragedy for everyone. Can’t talk of the mother who confirmed in a text in one of the groups on the social platform Wechat, “My son is dead.”

That text put a shadow of darkness over China. Why? How?
Speculations began to spread all around, with the horrible organ harvesting being suspected. Truth is, none knows exactly what happened except the family, close relatives and the authorities. All information out there is mare speculation.

The United States consulate in China has been reported today the 5th of November confirming the death of a 3- year old American boy and no further information was provided. Chinese authorities have not ‘yet’ issued a statement which has drawn conclusion that they might never announce it after all. People pointing out that China is not very open with such kind of information as they have their own way of dealing with such and this led to protests in Guangzhou people demanding for information and footage of the boy’s body. This is likely to draw international attention as ‘Liam’ has united foreigners and they all wait eagerly for the outcome.
Liam was a happy kid. He had striking features of a strong black boy complemented by his dreadlocks. In a video shared on Wechat, the little boy is seen jumping and playing and merry. In another video he is seen talking to someone assumed to be his mom. She asks him what’s your name to which he replies,”I’m a robot” and the mom says “You are the cutest robot ever.”
Rest In Peace Liam>chaosafrica



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