Mentally ill Mampintsha admitted to Life St Joseph’s Psychiatric Hospital, a mental institution in Durban


Qgom star Mampintsha recently got admitted to “Life St Joseph’s Psychiatric Hospital”, a mental institution located in Berea, Durban.

If you are Mampintsha’s fan or follow him on twitter then surely you have noticed that he is not the Shimora we are used to. He has dramatically lost weight overnight and as if that is not enough, Shimora is now showing signs of mental illness.

South African twitter is worried about Mampintsha and they have tried to reach out to him and his loved ones to urge them to take action about Mampintsha’s deteriorating health.

Below is the video that Mampintsha posted and led South Africans to question his health:
After South Africans showed concerns, Mampintsha himself broke the silence and released a video stating that he is not sick. Watch video below

After seeing the video South Africans are even more concerned, with most of them saying that Mampintsha is now mentally ill. Other South Africans say he is abusing drugs while others say he is not taking his ARV medication. But the weirdest one of all is when a twitter user said that maybe Babes Wodumo’s father bewitched Mampintsha because he abused his daughter and had taken her away from her home and family.

Below is another video which led South Africans into believing that Mampintsha is mentally ill.
In a recent gurn of events Mampintsha got admitted to Life St Joseph’s Psychiatric Hospital, a mental institution located in Berea, Durban.

This was after Mampintsha started being aggressive to himself and those around him. So it was ruled out that Mampintsha is a danger to himself and those around him. According to a source Mampintsha is also over emotional and cries all the time, especially if you mention Babes Wodumo.

According to reports Mampintsha has been having breakdowns and his most recent one was after he and Babes Wodimo were shooting a reality show for Jub Jub. Apparently on the show all episode, Babes Wodumo was yelling and Mampintsha, hit him with a glass and then smashed his phone. The show will air on MojaLove.



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