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🇿🇼 Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals Zvadirwa Jecha


This story is not ending anytime soon looks like Faith Domingo called the police opn Ashford. Reports coming out show that Ashford has been taken to custody but not sure if he is out. This show has turned from a holiday in paradise to a holiday in Hell.

From the cast members accounts of the show. We know Olinda quit the show after 1 dayand left in the middle of the night. Aunty Jenny and Ancle Ged also left with a bad taste in thier mouths as they had to get in a train for 8 hours to get home. They agreed the experieance was horrible. Linda Rose also quit and left with reports that she was sexually abused by one of the cast memmbers. from reports we have  5 of the cast members have stated it was a horrile experience. 


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