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Limpopo girl poisons best friend and posts RIP on Facebook for likes – friend recovers, see what happens next


In a bizzare twist of best friendships gone wrong, a young woman in Seshego stands accused of attempted murder after allegedly poisoning her best friend and posting “RIP” on social media.

Boitumelo Rongwedi Maluleka, whose Facebook account Boity Mellow has since been deactivated, posted a picture of her best friend Lalattie Penelope, pictured, after allegedly poisoning her and thinking she won’t make it.

In the post, Maluleka added crying emojis with the name of Lalattie. When one user asked if it was true that Lalattie passed on, Maluleka replied claiming she heard it was true and that she was taken by ambulance at 2am Lalattie, however, made a miraculous recovery to tell the tale:

A lot of you wonder why I was lying on the street vomiting blood 💔. Truth is I was poisoned by my bestfriend💔. Someone I grew up with and known since we were 4 years. She poured “Iodine” in my drink 💔 and she kept asking me if I was okay 💔.💔💔 She was even the first to post “R I P” while I was fighting for my life💔. I thank God for giving me another chance💛. Even thou ko Thomo phela ka di pills every day💔😭. I barely can talk properly 😭. Bafe2, be alert! And o lebelele Motho o mmitxang Bestfriend”

When Maluleka commented offering her apologies for poisoning Lalattie, saying she didn’t mean to, Facebook friends could not hold back, accusing her of witchcraft.

Seshego police say no case has been opened and that they would gladly investigate attempted murder if the victim came forward to open docket.

In one of her susequent posts, Lalattie, however, posted that she would leave her now former best friend to God and karma. She also revealed that she was taking about 9 pills a day to help her get back to her former self.

A lot of comments in the post encouraged her to open a case for formal criminal investigation>chaosafrica


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