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Man with a PHD in cheating gets his furniture destroyed by one of his girlfriends – see pictures


A man has suffered a major life set back after one of his girlfriends gained access to his apartment and destroyed everything in sight. And now the man has to start buying everything from scratch.

The angry girlfriend smashed everything from his television to his sound system and kitchen equipment.

See pictures below
After trashing the man’s apartment, the girlfriend posted the images on social media and explained that she was punishing her boyfriend who has a PHD in cheating. She further labelled the man a serial cheater.

A lot of women on social media were in support of what she did, while others said what she did was stupid because if they fix things she will be going back to a trashy apartment.

A lot of men just said the man should open a case against her and ruin her future with a criminal record.

Another man said “The girlfriend must be charged and arrested for malicious damage to property, that’s madness and cannot be gloryfied. Had it been the man done that to the lady we would be Labelled trash by now.”
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