🇿🇼Passion Java Vachiseka Pokello Achihodha Kumupedzamhano


Passion Java posted a video of himself watching Pokello shopping at a mupedza mhano in china . Passion Java is a man of style and Pokello is know as the queen of swag watching her at a flea market is out of character for her.

Madam Boss Kutaura Chokwadi Prophet Passion Java Vakanditengra Motor

Popular comedian Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho has finally confessed and confirmed claims that the controversial Prophet Passion Java bought her a car after she had visited his church service. Madam Boss Posted In Agee Instagram she had found the video of where is all started and say “kana ukapihwa mukana wakadai Iwe ungadii” thank you passion JavaTyra & husband Mhofela had be secretive about who bought the car at first they both denied that Passion Java had bought the car madam Boss drives. At one point Mhofela state’s it was all lies he bought the car

With people asking and investing pressure mounted which forced Mhofela and Madam to confess that Passion Java did infect buy the car. Mhofela was put between a rock and a hard place and had to swallow his pride since it looked bad on his part that another man was buying his wife a car he could not afford.People were saying ingati mumwe murume a tenderer Mukadzi wako brugwa kana mubhedha. No wonder Mhofela was refusing this story. Another question now is why is madam boss bring this story back after it was over?

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Socialite and comedienne Madam Boss has dismissed prophet Passion Java’s claims that he gave her a car for showing up at his church.Prophet Java appeared in a live interview with Carole Nyakudya on the Facebook Page, “Zimbabwe Social Media News” saying he got Madam Boss a car.Ndakataengera Vanonzi Madam Boss mota. Ndakangopinda muchurch ndichibva ndarohwa nehana ndichivaona, ndandajaira kuvaona pamavideo paYouTube apo ne apo“So, I was giving ma elders angu aka server ministry for long and ari loyal saka ndakatengera about four people mota then I bought my mom a house saka ndakatengera vanhu mota four saka dzakabva dzapera.

Ndakangofungidzira Madam Boss havaite izvi ndobva ndavati mukuda ndikuitirei vakati ndikuda motokari ndobva ndatovati endai ku car sale yedu uko kuHarare ndobva vatoenda ndobva vadzoka.Motikari haasi masimbi asi motikari munhu anayo, ndikangorova decision yekuti uyu ngaiite mota atonayo,” said Prophet Java in the video.A picture of Madam Boss has since been circulating when she appears in a Mercedes Benz holding car keys whilst on the driver’s seat.

However, Madam Boss’s husband Ngoni Munetsiwa who happens to be the comedienne’s manager said Passion did not buy her a car.“I am the one who bought the car sometime last year and what’s circulating online is a lie, people are just fabricating stories.“We will not make any statement refuting the malicious claims because it will be a waste of time, we have a lot of things to do which are better than making statements.“With social media you will get tired of making statements,” said Munetsiwa.It remains to be seen whether the Prophet told a lie or Madam Boss is the one hiding the truth.


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