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SARS Freezes Blesser Uncle Roland’s Bank Accounts


Roland Muchegwa popularly known as Uncle Roland because of his lavish lifestyle is in trouble with the law. Its alleged that his bank accounts have been frozen by SARS

Roland Muchegwa’s Business:

How does Uncle Roland Muchegwa make money?

Little is known about Muchegwa’s business. Gossip News gathered that he is into fuel smuggling. He purchases fuel intended for the Democratic Republic of Congo, but trucks never cross the border into Zimbabwe. The duty free fuel will be sold in Limpopo at Market Prices. He is prejudicing SARS of their tax.

One person who claims to be in Uncle Roland’s close circles confirmed, “Rolen’s accounts were frozen along with another South African based Zimbabwean businessman.
Sars allege that he is not paying tax and he is involved in dirty fuel deals wherein he buys petrol in cheaper areas like Kwazulu Natal province after misrepresentation of export and sell it at a profit in Limpopo province,
It’s a clique, him (Uncle Rolen) and associates.
They import cheaper fuel from South Africa and lie that it’s in transit to DRC but offload it in Zimbabwe and feed the black market for ridiculous profits.
The tanker then proceeds to DRC filled with water, because the weighbridge cannot dictate the type of liquid but quantity of contents, so this exercise legitimises the rot


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