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This 17-year-old Chinese boy sold his Kidney to buy an iPhone 4 in 2011


Wang Shangkun was only 17 years old when he sold his kidney and then used the money to purchase an iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Eight years later, his remaining kidney failed, and Shangkun, now 25, is bedridden, unable to walk and a burden to his family.

How it all began
Now, to sell a kidney for an iPhone sounds like a crazy idea, a joke. In fact, it may sound ludicrous to the average mind. While most of people would laugh off such an idea, a teenager in China took it seriously and surprisingly realized it!

Newspaper headlines were flooded with the story of a 17-year-old high school student Wang Shangkun who decided to sell one of his kidneys to acquire some Apple products.

Wang Shangkun comes from one of the poorest sections of China, the eastern Anhui Province. As a naive teenager, buying an iPhone and showing off the product to his friends would mean a great deal to him.

However, his broke parents could not afford to buy the gadget for him and his desperate attempt at being in vogue led him down an eerie path. While surfing the Internet, Shangkun was contacted by three strange men who promised to help him achieve his dream. They communicated via a Chinese online-chatting platform known as QQ.

Selling the Kidney
Soon, a deal was reached and Shangkun would sell one of his kidneys to the black market and then receive the money to buy the Apple gadgets he had long desired. He hid the whole plans from everyone, including his parents.

On the day of the surgery in April 2011, Shangkun journeyed to the city of Chenzhou, in the southern Hunan Province of China. He kept his itinerary a secret, and upon arriving the city, the agents took him to a medical facility where two surgeons, a surgeon assistant, and one nurse were waiting for his arrival.

The complex surgery was undergone at an uncertified clinic, and Wang Shangkun’s left kidney was removed. The kidney was then illegally sold to a patient who paid ¥150,000, that’s ₦7,709,047 or $21,266, in exchange for the organ.

The agents kept most of the money for themselves and Shangkun was only paid ¥22,000, that’s around ₦1 million or $3,119, for his left kidney.

The teenager then immediately bought an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4 before going back to his hometown.

The Sum of All Tears
Soon after the complicated surgery, Shangkun developed a renal failure. The dirty setting of the clinic where the surgery was performed, combined with absence of proper, post-surgery care led to an infection, causing his other kidney to fail as well.

Now 25 years old, Wang Shangkun suffers from kidney failure and he is completely bedridden as he is unable to work or care for himself. In addition, he needs regular dialysis.
The once good-looking, tall young lad now lies docile in bed day and night. He’s completely reliant on his family to take care of him.

Due to his health, he lives off of social benefits because of one careless decision. In addition, he lost a chance to live a normal life and experience a great future>Chaosafrica


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