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POWER UPDATE: Stage 2 power cuts for Friday, system remains ‘vulnerable’


Eskom will shift load shedding to stage 1 from 11pm on Thursday night to 9am on Friday morning.

The power utility will implement stage 2 load shedding from 9am until 11pm on Friday, Eskom said in a statement issued on its Twitter account on Thursday evening.

The system remains vulnerable and while we have returned units as scheduled, we have also lost additional generating units today,” the statement read.

“Load shedding will be required overnight and all day on Friday to cater for further trips and to create capacity to replenish water reerves for our pumped storage schemes.”

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Stage 2 load shedding allows for up to 2 000MW – just under 5% of Eskom’s nominal capacity – to be shed from the national grid. While stage 1 load shedding allows for 1 000MW to be shed.

In a statement issued earlier on Thursday Eskom said rotational power cuts are likely to continue for the remainder of the week, as it continues to battle severe capacity constraints caused by a combination of heavy rains and unplanned breakdowns


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