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Marry Chiwenga arrested!!


Marry Chiwenga has been arrested by Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and detained at Rhodesville Police Station for fraud, misrepresentation and money laundering

The laundering charge involves buying a home in South Africa.‬Police sources say that she was detained this evening. ‬‪One of the three charges that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has laid against Marry Chiwenga is that of misrepresentation.

ZACC says that she approached the Judge President, George Chiweshe, and said that her husband wanted a marriage officer to solemnise their marriage.The said marriage officer is Acting Chief Magistrate, Munamato Mutevedzi.ZACC accuses Marry Chiwenga of soiling the VP’s name‬ and that of the judiciary services commission.

She is going to court on Monday, meanwhile she is detained at Rhodesville Police Station.She is also being charged with Money Laundering and fraud.

The estranged wife of vice president Rtd. General Chiwenga, Mary Chiwenga has reportedly been arrested by Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) for fraud, misrepresentation and money laundering in relation to a house she reportedly bought in Cape Town, South Africa. Mary Chiwenga is reportedly detained at Rhodesville Police Station in Harare.

Mary Chiwenga is going through a bitter divorce with Rtd. General Chiwenga. The two reportedly fell out after Mary Chiwenga allegedly tried to have Rtd. General Chiwenga sign a will while he was gravely sick. The will reportedly would have seen Mary Chiwenga inheriting the Rtd. General Chiwenga’s vast estate


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