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7 places to visit in Cape Town for less than R100


The Mother City is one of the most gorgeous places to explore during summertime, so it’s no wonder Cape Town’s popularity has increased among international travellers.

Although the city may look expensive, there are a bunch of exciting things to do and places to see for affordable prices.

Here are seven things you can do around Cape Town for less than R100.

1. Company Gardens: free entry

The Company Gardens was built to produce fresh fruit and vegetables for the ships that were sailing along the coast. It’s an ideal spot when looking for fresh air and sunshine during a lunch break or just a day for a picnic in the inner city. Remember to bring some snacks for the many adorable squirrels.

2. Silvermine Nature Reserve: R32 per adult and R16 per kid for SA citizens

This is one of the best places for a nature conservation experience where you and your family can take a hike through the mountainous trails and rock-climbing routes. Popular for birdwatching and mountain-biking, you can also explore a number of sandstone cave systems –but better make sure you’re fit enough.

3. V&A Waterfront and amphitheatre – free

You can take a self-guided historical walk through the heart of Cape Town’s harbour that boasts a rich, wide variety of stories and 22 landmarks tracing back as far as 1654. You’ll also find great local talent at the amphitheatre, so be sure to check out some free entertainment. Be sure to stop by the V&A Food Market for a scoop or two of handmade peanut butter ice cream.

4. Iziko Museum – R30 adults and R15 children

From dinosaurs to collective wild animals and everything space-related at the planetarium, Iziko Museum offers insight into South Africa’s natural and cultural history. The museum is open from Monday to Friday and offers a free planetarium show. For more information, you can visit Iziko.org.za

5. Kirstenbosch Gardens – R75 adults, R40 students and R20 (6-17 years)

Kirstenbosch is said to be one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, Kirstenbosch Gardens forms a sanctuary of shaded streams, green lawns and bursts of floral colour. Take a walk along a walkway among the treetops or come with a picnic basket and find a shady spot underneath a tree and enjoy with family and friends.

6. Up Cycles @ Sea point – R75

The Promenade is the safest place to ride a bicycle in Cape Town. It’s flat, wide and there are no cars to worry about. There is also a lot to see and do along the way. From the Sea Point pavilion to the V&A Waterfront and Camps Bay.

The times change throughout the year, according to the time the sun goes down. According to Up Cycles, these are 4 easy steps on how the Up Cycles work:

1.You arrive at the station, where you fill in indemnity forms and details

2.Choose a bike and pay

3.Ride the bike

4.Return to any cycle station.

7.The Labia theatre – R50 gets you in

This is formally known as the Italian embassy ballroom, it is a charming old-style movie theatre that is recognised as the oldest independent art-repertory cinema in South Africa. You can enjoy the screening of art and festival films throughout the year. Its open daily from 11am till 10pm and R50 gets you in for a standard movie>chaosafrica


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