Yolanda Saga:The Full Story Behind Cheating Woman Allegedly Caught Hiding Under Lover’s Bed


Dec 27, 2019
Yolanda Caught hiding Under Bed, This is what really Happened!!!

A viral video has been doing the rounds showing a woman allegedly caught cheating with a tenant by her husband.chaosafrica has learnt that the woman’s name is Yolanda and further investigations show that she works at Steve Tshwete Local Municipality in Mpumalanga. Yolanda was caught hiding under the bed in her lover’s house by her suspicious husband. In the video, the man discovers his children’s blankets first and after searching the entire room for his ‘missing’ wife, a 6th sense might have told him to check under the bed. Lo and behold, his wife was hiding under the bed and looked shocked that her hiding place had been bust.

Yolanda’s husband who allegedly caught his wife cheating decided to expose her by video recording the incident. Social media has applauded the husband for keeping his cool after discovering his wife’s shenanigans.

In the video, however, the alleged Ben 10 was not seen. Suspicions are rife he fled the scene. According to her Facebook profile, Yolanda is happily married. This might now be in doubt following the cheating exposure.

A lot of social media users, however, blamed the man for exposing his wife in such a humiliating way. Some even said Yolanda was right because the man probably didn’t satisfy her sexually.
Yolanda’s husband told her to stay with the ‘young boy ‘ and continually asked her what she was lacking and what she was seeking from such a young and poor man. Yolanda did not answer and remained seated.

So viral

is the video that South Africans started the Yolanda challenge. The challenge also trended on Twitter and shows people hiding under beds>chaosafrica


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