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Mary Chiwenga Taken To Hospital From Chikurubhi


An unconfirmed report says Marry Chiwenga has been rushed to a pvt hospital, under heavy security. A source who is a security guard at Chikurubhi prison has told our source that since Mary Chiwenga was brought in she has not been feeling well.

Mary has been taking her medication which she brought in but has lost considerable weight as she has not been eating a lot of food. ” sadza beans and macabbage everytime ” its too much so she is finding it hard to cope reported the guard.

Mary has been sick for over one year with what they said was nhuta, her hands and feet have been swollen and she has lost a lot of wait. This is a developing story we will update you as more information becomes available.

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The estranged husband of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga , Marry Chiwenga (nee Mubaiwa) faces a lengthy period in jail if convicted of charges of breaching Exchange Control regulations, fraud and money laundering, and murder allegations she is facing.

In opposing bail for Marry, prosecutor Albert Masamha told the court that the offence of fraud attracts up to 35 years, while Money Laundering provides for imprisonment for up to 25 years.

He said:
Releasing the applicant on bail is, therefore, likely to jeopardise and erode public confidence in the justice system.it is the respondent’s submission that the sentence for attempted murder is also severe in the event the applicant is convicted.

The offence of fraud provides for imprisonment not exceeding 35 years, whilst Section 8 (8) of the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act, Chapter 9:24 provides for imprisonment not exceeding 25 years.

Marry has been in remand prison ever since she first appeared in court nearly two weeks ago On Friday, the High Court postponed her bail application and appeal hearings to Tuesday next week.She is being represented by Mtetwa & Nyambirai Legal Practitioners>chaosafrica


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