Dancehall lion, Winky D shocked Zimbabweans last night when he appeared on stage in prison garb.

The choice of outfit was likely for the purpose of conveying a strong message against the regime, some analysts said. Others said it was a direct slap on the state over the ongoing prosecution of Gen Constantino Chiwenga’s wife, Marry.

Thus same Marry Mubaiwa case epitomises what every other Zimbabwean is suffering from under the government which keeps changing laws and violating them at the same time, analyst Kudakwashe Dube said.

Journalist Hopewell Chon’ono said, that is the uniform worn by prisoners in Zimbabwe.

A metaphor that citizens are prisoners & the country has become a giant prison! #Njema is slang for handcuffs! The citizens have been handcuffed by tyranny, corruption, LOOTING, mismanagement and clan based nepotism>chaosafrica


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