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Zambian Woman Based In USA Goes Mad Shortly After Coming Back To Her Home Village For Christmas


This is very sad and people are really wicked. This is a story of a beautiful Zambian lady only identified as Kamai (Surname withheld for security reasons) who got married to an American in 2016 and they moved to USA. They have been happily married and they have a beautiful baby daughter together. She recently decided to visit her native country Zambia to her home village but shortly after visiting her home village she went mad. In this viral video circulating on whatsapp, the beautiful lady is completely naked, dancing and touching her own private parts. Sources have confirmed that witchcraft from jealousy people is involved

But some social media users have condemned women who were filming the video of another woman who was completely naked especially considering the fact that the video was been taken in the presence of men instead of helping a vulnerable woman by covering her atleast. SHAME to those women.

Tumfweko.com has deliberately not published the viral footage due to its sensitive and heartbreaking nature.

See photos of the beautiful Kamai and screenshots after she got mad.

May God heal this innocent lady and bring her back to her senses.

If you are reading this, pray for this lady>chaosafrica


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