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Diepsloot protests: Calls for removal of undocumented foreigners


Diepsloot residents have levied allegations against foreign nationals, claiming two community members perished at their hands.

The road into the settlement just north of Johannesburg has been barricaded, with the community calling on authorities to remove all foreigners without the legal permits to be in the country.

A community leader spoke to eNCA, explaining the cause of the riots currently taking place:

“The reason we are shutting down Diepsloot is because our people are dying. Our native South Africans are dying here in Diepsloot, at the mercy of foreign people who are not even documented. We have a couple of cases.”

The community leader called on the government to remove foreign nationals who are in the country illegally from the area, claiming that they are making the region unsafe for residents.

It is understood that two community members were murdered during the course of the week, with a police officer killed on Friday. Foreigners are suspected of being involved in the crimes.

While the protest has moved to the main roads in order to put pressure on authorities, police were on the scene and patrolling other parts of the settlement>chaosafrica


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