Kuwadzana residents eating dog meat


Backyard Butcheries Selling Dog Meat In Kuwadzana The skyrocketing price of meat has provided opportunities for the unsavoury who are now preying on desperate people. Some uncouth youths from Harare’s Kuwadzana Extension suburb are reported to be cashing in on the desire for reasonably price meat by selling dog meat to unsuspecting residents. The sleazy characters are passing off the dog meat as goat meat or buck meat. The dog meat racket is allegedly being run by two youths who are affiliated to the ruling Zanu-PF party who go by the monikers G.I. Joe and Bhunu. The racket was exposed after a local carpark owner, Learnmore Chinhoyi’s dog disappeared without a trace. An insider who was aware of the racket finally took pity on Chinhoyi after noting that this his 13th dog to disappear. The insider revealed the dog meat business and told Chinhoyi where he could find his dog’s remains, the skin, the intestines and the head. In an interview with an online publication>chaosafrica


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