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Jonathan Moyo predicts another Zim coup in Feb..Chiwenga about to do something again?


Exiled former Zanu PF heavyweight Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo has sensationally declared that Zimbabwe will be plunged into something unthinkable this coming month.

Posting on social media, Moyo wrote, “For keen students of Zimbabwean history, this February is threatening to replace November as the month of momentous events! Varakashi and their boss need running shoes. Their time to run run run run is coming; soon and very soon!The ideology of varakashi is Mnangagwa; and their policies are Mnangagwa, whose only objective is that 2030 anenge achipo. The varakashi phenomenon is just a whole lot of bull expletive.”

On 14 November 2017, security forces loyal to General Constantino Chiwenga marched into Harare and overthrew the Mugabe Government in what was then described as a bloodless coup.

Rumours have been rife that Chiwenga is restless and planning to takeover from Mnangagwa sometime soon. Even his wife revealed the VP’s Presidential plans.

VP Chiwenga’s recent humiliation at High Court and his subsequent attack against the country’s judicial system is testament that he has guts and nerves to take on anyone and anything that stands in his way.

The former general has since declared war against the Judge President who he accuses of “favouring his estranged wife Marry” in their ongoing child custody battle.

Government sources say “pro-Lacoste elements” are responsible for Chiwenga’s recent legal disasters. They are reportedly deliberately “making life difficult for Team Chiwenga just to see how far he can go” against the tide>chaosafrica



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