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Update of the viral video of the man who had sex with his daughter


What you don’t know on the viral video (trending), of a man allegedly defiling a ‘minor’ who is also related to him :

The CID Kericho traced the man to his home in Nyagacho – Kericho County, where he was found with his wife and three children. He was arrested and immediately driven to Kericho Police station CIDs office for interrogation and clarification on the matter.
Police reports reveal his identity as one Patrick Ayoyo from Vihiga County, who operates a cyber business in Kericho town.
Patrick has admitted that it was him who recorded the video with the consent of the young girl in the video who is also his cousin.
His wife and his wife’s sister who are also at the station have confirmed the same.

Patrick says he took the video in 2017 while in Nairobi by then but only for fun. At that time, he says the girl in the video was 20 years old, and has since been married in Turbo.Though they are related.

He further states in his police statement that is in our possession, that his phone got lost in 2017 with the pictures and whoever found it or stole it, might be the one one who shared it online. Patrick is still under interrogation at the station>chaosafrica

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