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Shocking Bitter Urban Kule Prince Exposing Why Marriage With Urban Tete Zuva Ended


A seemingly bitter Urban Kule Prince is all of a sudden exposing his relationship with Urban Tete Zuva Habane. Urban Kule has always been a reserved individual who has never disscussed his private life on social media. Urban Tete has vowed not to air her realtionship laundry out in public so its a suprise why Prince is trying to expose what happaned to him and Zuva to get divorced. Prince just postes the reason he and urban tete got divorced>chaosafrica

###This is a public service announcement###:

Prince Habane and Amanda Zuva Habane (Rugara) are not married.

We got divorced on the 7th of April 2015. Yes we did eventually stay together and give life together a chance to see if we could find a way back to matrimony. However, as any relationship may go, that path was nolonger ours to take together. It’s been some time now and we have both moved on with our lives, and here I speak for myself in saying: I found love and happiness and continue to be in pursuit of my ambitions and goals.

Many have claimed to have conversed with me recently over this issue, but as social media goes, anything goes, whether it’s factual or not. My stand is that I have not spoken with any of the felebrities or fans on this matter or any matter at all, neither will I entertain any congress of such. Those are things of primary school age that frankly I do not have time for.

There is no need for condolences or messages of sympathy or attempts to amend what no one knows of, especially considering this matter has been long closed and we each moved on quietly without involving the universe, so it would be a kind gesture to just let each person continue to live their life as best they see fit.

As for my life now and my current relationship, all I can say is: celebrate love, enjoy happiness and always – always be grateful for each day that you can inhale and exhale


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