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Tytan Tested Positive For HIV In 2015 Madam Boss & Cynthia Mare Have V11


Tytan Tested Positive For HIV In 2015 Madam Boss & Cynthia Mare Have V11.
Our source who is closely linked to Madam Boss & Olinda Chapel & Cynthia Mare have confirmed Tytan is positive and that Madam Boss Or Cynthia Mare can prove it. The source told us that Tytan dated Cynthia Mare In 2015 and she and Tytan were doing skits with Madam Boss. Tytan Results can be found at Sunnindale Clinic where got his test according to our source.

During the time Madam Boss , Cynthia & Tytan were hanging out. It is alleged that Tytan left his bag in Madam Bosses car . Tytan called madam boss wanting his bag so Madam Boss looked in the a bag and saw HIV medication prescribed to Tytan. Madam Boss did not tell Tytan that she checked what was inside the bag.

When Tytan separated from Cynthia Mare and she moved to UK she was accused of Infecting her white husband with HIV and stealing his money.This story was covered up and did not get much publicity.

Have you wondered why Madam Boss and Olinda Chapel don’t talk or even like each other’s social media posts. The truth is that when Olinda Chapel found out that Madam Boss knew Tytan was Positive and did not warn her about it . Madam Boss was a brides maid at Olinda Chapel and Tytans wedding. Olinda Chapel verbally talked with Tytan about hers and his status while they were still in Zimbabwe.

The only people who can tell the truth About Tytans Status are Madam Boss, Mhofela and Cynthia Mare. Madam Boss saw the HIV prescription for Tytan and Cynthia Mare who dated Tytan and was close to Madam Boss. Cynthia Mare has a story online about stealing and infecting her Husband with HIV in the UK.
If Tytan wants to come clean in this story he should do an online HIV test like what Stunner Olinda Chapels ex husband did. Madam Boss Should step up and tell what she knows>chaosafrica


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