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Cristiano Ronaldo quarantined after teammate tests positive for coronavirus


The world’s most famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, is in quarantine after a teammate has been confirmed with COVID-19 just three days after their last game, according to reports.

Ronaldo last played for Juventus on Sunday, when he was caught pantomiming high-fives as he arrived at the empty stadium for the match played behind closed doors as coronavirus devastated Italy.

Teammate Daniele Rugani was later confirmed to have the potentially deadly illness on Wednesday — just days after he was shown huddling up for a celebratory photo with the Italian club, including a shirtless Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was in Portugal visiting his sick mom when the announcement was made — and is self-isolating and staying in Portugal until he knows it is safe to return, according to Quotidiano Sportivo.

Juventus confirmed defender Rugani’s infection on its website Wednesday, saying he was “currently asymptomatic.”

“Juventus Football Club is currently activating all the isolation procedures required by law, including those who have had contact with him,” the statement insisted.

Juventus trained earlier on Wednesday, although it was unclear whether Rugani was present.

The team’s rival on Sunday, Inter Milan, also said it was suspending matches “until further notice,” saying, “The Club is currently taking steps to put all the necessary procedures into place.”

The outbreak of the virus has led to a nationwide lockdown in Italy, where soccer and all other sports have been suspended until April 3.

However, Juventus is scheduled to play French club Lyon at home in the Champions League on Tuesday — a contest now up in the air.

Italy’s number of virus cases soared again Wednesday, to 12,462 infections and 827 deaths — numbers second only to China>chaosafrica


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