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Nurse Who First Treated Zororo Makamba Now Unwell And In Isolation


Nurse Who First Treated Zororo Makamba Now Unwell And In Isolation

There are reports that the first nurse to attend to the lateZororo Makamba upon arrival at Wilkins Hospital hospital is now unwell and presently in isolation.

She was tested for Coronavirus and the local authority is awaiting her test results.

This follows amid revelations that all hospitals in the city both private and public had refused to take in Makamba in their intensive care units in order to put him on a ventilator.

Sadly, Makamba succumbed to the virus and became the first death in the country as a result.

“All central hospitals refused to take him, even private hospitals refused, arguing that it was an infectious case hence should be attended to at the isolation centre.

“This was despite the fact that Wilkins is administered by Harare City Council and have not received any financial resources from central government to upgrade the facility to an ideal isolation centre. As part of our upgrading, we have reserved seven ICU beds with provision for ventilators and we are still resource mobilising to get equipment for those beds” said Harare City Council director for health services Dr Prosper Chonzi.

Asked why Makamba was put in an ordinary ward with no equipment to deal with his deteriorating condition,  Dr Chonzi said at the time he was admitted, the wing which was intended for coronavirus cases was still undergoing renovations, facilitated by the Chinese Government and the hospital had to improvise.

“Not all Covid-19 patients require ventilators, a majority will recover without them. It is unfortunate, we started with one of the worse cases which required a ventilator.

“However, in our preparedness plan, we had budgeted for seven ventilators for the ICU beds and as said before, we are yet to get funding to fully equip these rooms,” said Dr Chonzi.

There are also rooms with sockets for ventilators, but are not yet ready for use.

According to reports by the Herald,hordes of people were at Wilkins Hospital waiting to be tested.  Although no exact figures could be provided immediately, authorities at the hospital said nearly 200 people were screened between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo yesterday said Government was in the process of mobilizing funds and resources in order to help with the cause.

He said the response plan has since been revised upwards to US$100 million.

Dr Moyo said no funding has so far been disbursed but Government has also committed local resources towards Covid-19, which would be disbursed as soon as possible>chaosafrica


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