My husband’s Manhood Doesn’t Erect,” she tells court.

A Ndola wife has dragged her husband to the Kabushi local court for not having sex with her on their wedding night. Matildah Musonda, 27 married KapeshiKansajili, 30, last year. H o w e v e r , M u s o n d a , who filed for divorce due to misunderstanding in the marriage, shocked the court when she said that the couple has not had sex for two years. “We had a wedding and on that night, we never had sex.

We then started staying at a family house and we could not have sex. He told me that he was okay and I advised him that we go to the hospital but he got upset and stopped buying food at home, “she said. Musonda said she has no child with Kasanjili but she had one child before she was married to her husband. She narrated how she took her child to her parents’ house and begged for food from her neighbours.

Musonda said the couple decided to separate after efforts of involving families from both sides failed. “When another meeting was called, his relatives came but surrounded the house and when I asked him he failed to answer. They said that they had not come to discuss but to chase me and he packed for me and my grandmother said that the marriage is over,” she said.

She said Musonda and Kansajili were advised to share property but they started quarrelling over the kitchen unit. Musonda said she moved out of the house and after three days, her husband demanded the bride price back.

She said Kansajili called Musonda’s father in September this year that Musonda could not continue living with a man who is sexually dysfunction and when he was asked, he said that he was 50 percent okay. In defence, Kasanjili said his wife changed her behaviour as a result of the challenges that they faced after the wedding day.

“She stopped talking to me, she even told me that I will be washing my own underwear and at that time, she started working and would say that she stopped handling my money. She moved out of the bedroom and later on reached a point that she needed a divorce,” he said. Kansajili said marriage counselors, elders and family members were involved but Musonda insisted on a divorce.

“She would differ with my young brothers and me. So my parents decided that since she wants to go, they helped her pack her things,” he said. Kabushi local court senior magistrates Agness Muswema, Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizye granted divorce with no compensation as Musonda had lost love for her husband>chaosafrica


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