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Mzansi reactes to Papa Penny’s English after he posted video warning people to stay at home (WATCH


Papa Penny Penny has joined the list of celebs who have been doing their bit to encourage South Africans to adhere to the 21-day lockdown rules, in an attempt curb the spread of Covid-19.

The Tsonga disco legend and reality TV star seemed pretty annoyed at people who insisted on still roaming the streets aimlessly even after President Ramaphosa implemented the lockdown.

“Please let’s try to respect ourselves and our president. Tomorrow you are going to be sick and you are going to say, ‘Our government doesn’t look after us’. Move from the street, lock yourselves in your home. Your home is not a prison. But the way you are behaving is totally wrong, how are other countries supposed to say about such. Don’t do that. It’s not right,” Papa Penny said in a video shared on social media.


While there was no denying that Papa Penny was sharing an important message, social media users decided to focus on the star’s use of the English language in the video.

The reality TV star is popular for speaking English “the way he likes” as opposed to following the standard grammar and syntax rules of the language.

Papa Penny’s fans thought it was hilarious but gave him props because they understood exactly what he was saying.

Fellow musician Arthur Mafokate was the one who shared the video; he only focused on Papa Penny’s message and further asked people to stay home.

“Thanks Papa Penny. Guys let’s be at our homes and indoors at our offices till we reduce the infection rate,” Arthur said when sharing the video on his Instagram>chaosafrica


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