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Night prayer turns nasty as Mapositori forced to drink alcohol for defying lockdown


As lockdown regulations are becoming stricter with the army having been deployed to maintain order, one can expect more drama and unusual happenings, the latest involving mapositori who had gone for night prayer in Kuwadzana encountering an unfortunate but laughable fate.

In an unconfirmed dramatic twist of events, a message is circulating on WhatsApp alleging soldiers forced mapositori to drink alcohol they had confiscated from bars defying lockdown regulations.

Te message alleges the soldiers, instead of beating up the worshippers decided to give them alcohol forcibly, Taboo right?

The message reads;

“Please avoid night prayers and stay home.Yday in DZ vanamukoma were busy making marounds avo taking beer from bars ainge akavhura.On their way back kubarrack painge pana vana madzibaba nemadzimai vainge vauya kuchoto kuzonamata.

Magunners vakangosvika havana kurova vanhu asi vakangoburutsa macrates avo ema super pamasowe zvikanzi madzibaba nemadzimai ngatinwei husiku hose tichiimba.Masese anwiwa zvekuti pamasowe hapanwiwe doro unenge usati waapihwa nana Mukoma (Soldiers).”

We can only hope God forgives these soldiers and also serves as a lesson to those defying lockdown regulations of the double danger of catching coronavirus and being caught by the soldiers>Chaosafrica


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