Video:COVID-19: I am Tired! – Wife Runs away during marathon Sex, Husband chase after her in the street


A viral video Trending online show the moment a Nigerian woman ran out her home during marathon $ex with her husband as the husband chases after her in the street, dragging her to come and continue as the woman says she is tired of having $ex. According to Reports, the couple had had a series of intimacy from midnight till morning and the woman is tired but the man is not tired of having $ex. The woman, identified as Tosin had run out of their home to the street with wrapper only to shield her burning veejay from having another round of friction and her horny boo ran after her, asking her to come back home.

As she ran across the street to a passerby for help, the man was heard asking her to come back home repeatedly and the wife insisted she wasn’t revealing she is tired and her vaginax is hot already. The man went as far as making to grab her, saying his manhood was erect and he needs her, adding that he doesn’t like the scene they were creating. The Location of the Incident is still unknown but reports says it happened in lagos>chaosafrica




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