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Baba Harare Taken To Wilkins Hospital Following Coronavirus Scare


Baba Harare In Coronavirus Scare

Popular musician Baba Harare is set to head to his rural home in Bikita for convalescence after suffering a coronavirus (Covid-19) scare. The musician, real name Braveman Chizvino Mwanza, is reported to be feeling so unwell that he was taken to Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital in Harare, early on this week.

However, Baba Harare was not admitted at the hospital, and after consultation with his management and family, he has since decided to go to Bikita to recuperate. Our reporter has learned that the 31-year-old musician has been having trouble breathing and is also suffering severe chest pains. He has, however, been cleared of the coronavirus.

Baba Harare’s manager, Filder Muchabaiwa, who is affectionately known as Mama Filo, confirmed the illness and the subsequent trip to Wilkins Hospital. Speaking to the daily publication, H-Metro, Mama Filo said,

“Yes, Baba Harare is unwell but we are monitoring his condition since he is taking some medication.

He developed some chest pains and breathing problems but as we speak, he is responding well to medication.

To date, doctors have conducted several tests from blood tests and even Covid-19.

We had to call an ambulance which took him to Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital early this week where he was also attended to by the staff but he is fine. ”

Speaking on the musician heading to Bikita for recovery, Mama Filo said,

“His elder brother came here to monitor him but they have resolved to take him to Bikita where he will be resting some of the days.

“I don’t know when he will come back in Harare but I guess he just wants fresh air away from many people,”

Mama Filo also reassured fans telling them that she expects Baba Harare to be back in action soon.

Just know that we are simply doing our best and we hope he will be fine.

“It’s not like he is on his death bed but people get sick at some point and Baba Harare will be back in action. The whole group is behind him and we would like to assure our fans that their favourite artist will be back in action soon.”


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