After a week and half of drama and embarrassment the socialite took to Facebook to apologize to her fans.

In her statement Zuva highlighted the fact that she was sucked into matters which did not represent her brand and her goals.

Good morning Zuva Nation, Friends & Followers..

Please accept my heartfelt apology for the direction Zuva Urban Tete was taken on.
I want to take a moment and truely apologize apologies for my abhorent behavior and I take full responsibility for my actions and deeply apologize for the negativity and issues i may have caused amongst my friends, family, followers and the online social media communities.

I allowed negative energy to take control get the best of me and took it out on the wrong people.
I understand social media i have had the ability to differentiate between social media and reality, sadly lately negativity had me mixing up the two.

When i joined social media my intention was to share and Learn new things and absolutely nothing else. I understand alot of women and men look up to me as an influencer and I need to be responsible in my actions. My behavior online lately is unexcusable and will up step my game up.

I want to apologies for abusing my platform to attack individuals and other socialites. I also want to apologies to whoever i offended in the name of clout.

My own is to help and i want to kindly ask ZuvaNation and visitors to please be patient, I will be better, i love what I do, I want us to learn from each other and grow. I want to be my best version of Zuva Urban Tete and with your forgiveness and patience its possible.
I have decided to stay of social media until im no longer toxic to you.
Remember always strive to be the best version of yourselves.
I will be back, remember to forget what you give & never expect anything in return but never forget to forgive.

Kind regards

Zuva Habane.. Your Urban Tete.❤




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