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Madzibaba Zacharia struggling to pay band members


Madzibaba Zacharia struggling to pay band members. So dire is the Khiama Boys founder’s predicament that he advised his band members to find own means to sustain their families. “I have done my best to bail out my band members but where we right now require everybody to take action and find their own means because this is a global crisis,” he said.

Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria says he welcomes the extended two-week lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic but is now stranded over band members’ welfare.

The goat-bearded singer who recently celebrated his 64th birthday said his coffers had dried up and was finding it hard to continue bailing band members. “My band members’ upkeep is now giving me a serious headache since I exhausted all the savings I had to bail out the band members.

“As a bandleader and father figure, I can safely say I have done my best and I have told them (band members) to try other avenues,” he said. Asked what he had learnt in as far as supplementing his band members’ upkeep is concerned, he said

“Hazvichadi kumira negumbo rimwe, kutengesa tengesa kwakubhadhara, kana kuchengeta tsuro futi kwakubhadhara. “However, out of the 15 band members I have there are some who are doing well as they have other side protects they are doing at their homes.

“Some are into vending in partnership with their wives while others have been doing other deals like cellphone repairs and that’s what we need today. “I’m glad they have understand where I am coming from and we are waiting for the situation to get back to normal so that we start afresh.

“It’s a global crisis which has not only affected me but we need to pray about it,” he said. Madzibaba was upbeat that his band members will remain committed to him despite failure to sustain them during this time of need. “To be honest with you, I don’t see them ditching me to join other bands because at the moment we are all on lockdown.

“Those who might want to poach them will also be stuck with them because of thereof inactivity which has seen us losing revenue. “As I indicated before, we are only wishing for the best and that’s all we can say at the moment.” He added:

“It’s hard to believe that five weeks have gone by since we suspended shows and after this fortnight it will be seven weeks of inactivity. “Besides the loss of revenue, we do urge band people to stay indoors, observe social distance as well as maintaining hygiene all the time.

“As it stands right now, we still have another chance to survive and this can only be achieved by following health experts’ advice.” Last Sunday, President Mnangagwa announced the two-week extension of the national lockdown owing to the need to contain the situation.

The President made the announcement after the lapsing of the first phase of the 21-day national local which ended Sunday. Other sectors like mining were given a reprieve to resume operations under the World Health Organisation set guidelines>chaosafrica


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