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French doctors inject covid-19 vaccine to children in Guinea, two die in an hour, Angela Gorman founder of charity


Suspected fake French doctors have been accused of injecting 20 children in the Western African country of Guinea with covid-19 vaccine.
British nurse who has worked in Africa for 20 years, Angela Gorman said, “I’ve become aware that two (obviously fake) French doctors have gone into a region of Guinea, West Africa and given 20 children COVID-19 vaccinations. Guessing money was involved. Two children died within an hour.”

Angela Gorman says two french doctors injected 20 children with covid-19 vaccine, 2 died after an hour

The post has been commented by a number of people who have expressed concern over the issue.

She further went on to say, “I told the person I received the information from that the first trial on a vaccine was starting in Oxford this week and there is no vaccine yet. I told him that I would volunteer to have it, as part of the trial but I’m too old!”

The doctors are suspected to be frauds who are operating on behalf of an pharmaceutical company that is illegally testing covid-19 vaccine for economic gains.

Gorman says trials have to be done on groups of people. Half are given the vaccine and the other half are given a vaccination which covers them for another less dangerous condition. It’s all done in a very controlled way. Nobody knows who gets the real vaccine.

The video below was posted reporting the issue in Guinea.
Chaosafrica spoke to Gorman about the story and she believes the French people involved might be frauds posturing as doctors.

Gorman is described on her charity website Life for African Mothers as the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Life for African Mothers.

Clinical trials for the the covid-19 vaccine are currently being carried out at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. The trials are being performed on volunteers with half of them being injected withe the vaccine and half with a different drug>chaosafrica


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