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LATEST: Zimbabweans Excused From Paying Rent Until Lockdowns Ends … Gvt Makes Announcement


Zimbabweans Excused From Paying Rent Until Lockdowns Ends

The Zimbabwean government has announced that all tenants in the country are to be excused from paying rentals, due from April until the current national Lockdown ends.

This announcement was made by permanent secretary of Information, Nick Mangwana.

Said Mangwana on Twitter

Cabinet has resolved that there be a moratorium on both commercial and residential evictions due to applicable lease obligations due from April to end of #LockdownZim, including payment of rentals for those months.

Cabinet resolved that unpaid rentals from April to end of #LockdownZim be paid in equal instalments after the declaration of the end lockdown period together with rentals due for those months.

Cabinet resolved that rent deferrals shall be free of any interest charges or penalties of whatever nature.

Landlords and homeowners who have mortgages to pay for which repayments depends on deferred rentals shall also be entitled to the same relief their tenants got in terms of deferrals.

While this move comes as a relief to the average Zimbabweans, who have been struggling financially since the lockdown began, homeowners and landlord did not take the news well.

Below are some of the comments

“What about homeowners without mortgages that survive on the rent paid by tenants? What would be their course of action to mitigate against loss of income? Is there a fund that they can claim from?”

“You can’t infringe on my liberties, I will do as I wish with my property”

“Nick what deferrals are you talking about which planet are you from..? Landlords want their rentals pronto”

“Did you consider that some landlord depend on rentals for survival?”

“How do pensioners surviving on rental from their properties feature in this arrangement? Can they also go to OK and get groceries for free until the end of the lockdown?”

Judging by most comments , it’s set to be an issue of contention between landlords and tenants.

This could result in a lot of litigation, with parties dragging each other to court over the issue pertaining to the payment of rentals or lack of itChaosafrica


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