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BIZZARE: Witches fight over human flesh, drags fellow witch to court


Witches fight over human flesh: Bikita residents in Zimbabwe were left tongue tied after two suspected witches allegedly dragged their fellow colleague before their local chief’s court for refusing to sacrifice her child for the sect’s supply of human meat.

The witches whose names were withheld for security reasons, told Chief Clemence Mpakwa that they each slew their children and feasted on them together with their partner.

The duo argued that the defendant was now denying to have her child sacrificed as it was her turn to supply the group with human flesh.

Chief Mpakwa confirmed the bizzare incident and said that the local residents in his kingdom as well as the district were shocked over the occurrence of the event

The bizzare was unfolded after the suspected sorceresses claimed that they ate the flesh of a well-known peddler at Nyika Growth Point who passed away last week, the peddler who is alleged to be a son of one of the witches.

The witches fighting over human flesh hail from Musavengana village under Chief Mkanganwi in Bikita and Chief Mpakwa said they will appear before the traditional court on Saturday.

The have reportedly formalized their complaint with their local village head Benias Musavengana in whose jurisdiction they fall under.

“This is not a rumour. The matter has been brought before Musavengana in whose village the three reside in. I have received a letter confirming the matter and they will appear before me on Saturday,” Chief Mkanganwi said.

Headman Musavengana said he was in quandary as he doubted that his village had such kind of people.

“It shocked me so much that I decided to refer the matter further up to Chief Mpakwa,” he said.

The witch who is to have her child sacrificed is said to be refusing to comply saying the peddler they ate was thin and her child was fat and bigger.

Chief Mpakwa said it was filthy for a communal area to have unprecedented levels of witchcraft.

“I will call the witches fighting over human flesh and get the full details of the story,” he said>chaosafrica


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