Bobo was brutally beaten before he went missing, South Africans demand justice


A video of 16 year old Bobo Duduzo Andile Mbuthu who went missing last week in Hambanathi Township, Tongaat, KwaZulu Natal has surfaced on twitter.

In the video, the boy only identified as Bobo was brutally beaten and left for dead before he went missing.

The victim in the video (Bobo), allegedly stole booze at his uncle’s bottle store in their area leading to brutal attack. Many believed that Bobo succumbed to injuries inflicted and died hence the disappearance

Investigative Twitter users identified one of the (allegedly murder accomplice) as Luyanda Mshana. They linked Luyanda’s Facebook pictures and clothes to the crime scene. More so Luyanda Mshana is allegedly threatening everyone who is sharing the call for justice with violence.

Twitter users force the SAPS to take action as they seek justice for missing Bobo

So vele the SAPS can locate and dig up up burried Alchohol but they can’t arrest the people who hurt Bobo? Even after a video!? What a joke of government we have!

God left this world long time ago we are left with animals. That Beat up kids like this yerrr I’m disgusted.
The police and the station Commander must account. Why shoot at the community members who went looking for the child? Is it because they are on this owner’s payroll? Right now they are busy burying the evidence.


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