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‘Being Yellow Bones Does Not Excuse You ‘ – Police Savagely Attack Two Sisters During Lockdown


Police Brutality Case.. 2 Sisters Brutally Assaulted During Lockdown

Two Bulawayo women had to seek medical treatment, after the police got too heavy handed and assaulted them for hours, with batons on their bodies.

The police assaulted the women for allegedly defying lockdown rules.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said 6 people had been arrested over the incident.

The police officers allegedly detained the two women overnight, after refusing them their constitutional right to pay fines for admission of guilt.

The two sisters were arrested at a supermarket, where they had gone to buy food for their children

Under the lockdowns rule imposed by the government, in a bid to contain the Coronavirus pandemic , only those in essential services and people seeking vital services like medication or buying food are allowed outdoors.

The two siblings claim the police officers dragged them from a supermarket queue and cuffed them.

They marched the women to Cowdray Park Police Station, frequently stopping to beat them up with batons along the way

The siblings claimed the officers would sit them down on the ground and assault them with batons whilst hurling insults at them.

At the police station, they were told to sit outside and the assault continued

“They told us they would teach us a lesson. They said they wanted to show us that they had better women than us at their homes. They said our being yellow boned (light skinned) did not exempt us from the stay at home order,”

When the women asked why they were being beaten, the police officers said they were being rude .

The police refused to let their relatives pay fines for them and detained them at the station overnight.

They were denied medical attention even after several body parts were inflamed from the assault


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