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Wife Dumped At Madzibaba’s After WhatsApp Messages Expose Sexual affaires


Wife Dumped At Madzibaba’s

An adulterous wife was dumped at her lover’s home in Budiriro this week after her husband learned of her affair and numerous sexcapades with a married Madzibaba. The woman’s husband was in a no-nonsense mood when he learned of her shenanigans after he went through her WhatsApp chats.

iHarare has learned from local tabloid H-Metro that the Tererai Mazani who is an artisanal gold miner surprised his wife, Rachel Guvheya, 20, when he arrived back home in Budiriro at night after weeks away at a mine outside Harare.

Mazani did not waste any time after arriving home as he took hold of Rachel’s phone and started going through her WhatsApp chats. Unfortunately, for the cheating wife, she was yet to delete the damning messages. The WhatsApp chats revealed that Rachel was having a torrid affair with one Madzibaba Evans Ndhlovu, 43, and that the two had numerous sexcapades.

Mazani quickly called his close relatives and together they took Rachel and dumped her at Madzibaba Evans’ home together with all her belongings. Rachel was dumped together with her young baby.

Narrating the calamitous development to H-Metro, Rachel said,

“My husband went through my mobile phone upon his arrival from a mine and discovered that I was having an affair with Madzibaba Evans and assaulted me,”

“He informed his relatives and they packed my belongings including our matrimonial bed saying it was defiled by Madzibaba that he could no longer sleep on it.

Rachel said that she is willing to become a second wife to Madzibaba Evans. However, Madzibaba Evans seems to have gone into hiding ever since the affair blew up. Rachel has vowed not to leave his home until he returns.

“I am prepared to live with Madzibaba Evans as his second wife since he has wrecked my marriage ndichatongonomanikidzira mumba mavo imomo.

“His wife and children turned against me as well as residents but I have no other plans other than staying here until they accept the situation on the ground.

“I phoned Madzibaba Evans and he advised me to leave his house promising to look for alternative accommodation but I am not leaving this place until he returns from hiding,”

Madzibaba Evans’ two children have vowed not to accept Rachel, however, accusing her adultery.

Madzibaba’s 22-year-old firstborn child told H-Metro,

That adulterous woman caused my mother’s sickness so I will not allow her to take her belongings in this house and daddy vangobuda and is no longer answering his phone,”

Madzibaba’s wife is reported to have been rushed to a local clinic after her blood pressure shot up due to the distress of learning of her husband’s shenanigans>chaosafrica


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