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Chitunha chakatsakatika (Corpse disappears)at Harare Hospital, You will be shocked by what the family discovered


Corpse Disappears At Harare Hospital

A Nyanga family was left shell-shocked after discovering that the body of their loved one who recently perished after a car crash had disappeared at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospital’s mortuary where it was booked for a postmortem before burial.

To make matters worse, after an investigation was launched, the family discovered that the deceased had already been buried in Bindura following a mix-up of names at the hospital,chaosafrica has gathered from tabloid publication H-Metro.

Robert Machemedze, 38, is reported to have been hurriedly buried by a Bindura family after they mistook him for their deceased relative whose name has not been provided. The matter was only discovered after Machemedze’s family found out that his body was missing.

Machemedze’s grieving widow, Lucia Jaravaza, revealed that she was perplexed to hear that her husband’s body had been buried elsewhere following the mix-up

We do not know what exactly transpired at the mortuary because the body was booked for postmortem and we were shocked by its disappearance,’ said Jaravaza

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals communications officer Linos Dhire confirmed the incident.

‘We had an incident where two bodies were mistakenly swapped as a result of errors in labelling and wrong identification by one of the families,’ said Dhire.

‘One of the families confirmed a wrong body was theirs both at the hospital and during body viewing. The matter is being handled by the police and we are informed that the process of exhuming the buried body is progressing well and both families are very cooperative. The hospital has since started establishing the actual circumstances leading to that unfortunate incident,’ said Dhire.

Machemedze died last Saturday after succumbing to injuries sustained during the accident. The accident occurred along Sam Nujoma Street in Belgravia. Explaining the tragedy, Jarava said,

‘My husband drove to Marlborough where he left the company vehicle and returned cycling before he was involved in a road traffic accident few meters from reaching home. The driver who hit him took him to Parirenyatwa where he was admitted for five days before he passed on last Saturday morning.’

‘The driver’s contact number is no longer reachable and we do not know why he decided to remain silent during such a period surrounded with mysteries.’

‘A police officer stationed at the hospital failed to give us a satisfactory answer on who collected our body and Parirenyatwa hospital as well failed to clarify how the names of the bodies were mixed.’

‘Family will take the body to Parirenyatwa for postmortem before taking it to Nyanga for burial,’ said Jaravaza>chaosafrica


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