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Another UK Based Zimbabwean Nurse Dies From Covid-19


A United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean health worker has succumbed to Covid-19, joining the fast-growing list of Zimbabwean frontline staffers who have lost to the virus in the country. Lill Sandie Mudzivare who was employed in the National Health Service died on Thursday after contracting the highly infectious novel coronavirus,

It was not immediately established at the time of publishing the article whether or not the deceased had underlying health conditions. The news of Mudzivare’s passing was announced on social media by friends and family. A statement published on Facebook by a close relative confirming the death reads,

‘I come in tears as I announce the sudden death of my cousin and friend Lill Sandie Mudzivare who succumbed to covid-19 in the early hours of this morning; a staff nurse within the NHS. She leaves behind 3 kids the youngest of whom is only 3. May her soul rest in eternal peace!!.’

While it is not quite clear how many UK based Zimbabwean nationals have succumbed to the deadly virus in the country, last month, the Zimbabwean embassy to Britain said that over 29 citizens had died at the time. Most of those who have died are frontline staffers in the fight against Covid-19.

This also comes just a week after another Zimbabwean Covid-19 fatality was recorded in the country. The deceased was a health worker who had resumed work to assist in the fight against the outbreak. She died on the 1st of May at Royal London Hospital where she was admitted. She had reportedly spent 21-days battling for her life on a ventilator at the same facility>chaosafrica


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