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Registrar-General Suspended Without Salary and Allowances


The Public Service Commission (PSC) has suspended without salary and allowances Registrar-General Clemence Masango who is facing charges of criminal abuse of office and flouting tender procedures in the purchase of five service vehicles.

The suspension that will be effective from the 8th of May until August 2020 is meant to allow Auditor-General Mrs. Mildred Chiri to conduct a forensic audit of the central registry.

The suspension was confirmed by the Secretary for Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Mr. Aaron Nhepera who said that the suspension was being handled by the PSC since Masango is a senior Government official.

If convicted, Masango is likely to spend 15 years in jail for the alleged crimes. Meanwhile, the accused has denied any wrongdoing saying the process of buying the cars started long before he assumed duty as Registrar-General and that payments were made within 10 days of him assuming duty on September 24, 2018.

The State, however, alleges that among other things, Masango sought and was granted authority in 2018 to purchase vehicles he said were to be used to improve access to district registries and sub-offices.

The authority was later canceled but Masango proceeded to buy the vehicles nonetheless>chaosafrica


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