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Video: Police Arrest 59-year-old Chief Caught ‘Chewing’ School Girl in his Car During Curfew Hours


A 59-year-old chief has been arrested after he was on Tuesday night, caught ‘raping’ a school inside his car.

Police in Bomet County have arrested the Mogogosiek area chief after catching him abusing a schoolgirl.

The police source says the man was engaging in sexual activities with a 15-year-old form one girl inside his car.

It is being alleged the chief ignored the curfew rule and drove to a nearby shopping centre, parked his car behind the shops, and then lured the poor girl into his trap.

Both the girl and the chief were arrested, waiting to be arraigned in court on Thursday.

“Ilibainika kwaba ni chifu wa Mogogosiek amabaye yuko na umri wa miaka 59 na msichana wa chule wa kidato cha kwanza, msichana yuko na miaka kumi na mitano, tuliwaleta wote kwa kituo cha polisi,” said police officer handling the case, which loosely translates to (we found that the man is the are chief who is 59 and the schoolgirl is 15 years, and she is in form one. We will be taking them to court on Thursday)

The police officer said the girl is set to be freed because she is still underage, who needs to be guided and taken care of.

However, the chief is set to be judged for several crimes.

“Chifu atashitakiwa na mashitaka kadhaa, ikiwemo na kumnajisi mtoto wa shule, kuvunja sheria ya curfew,” police added, (Chief will face several charges including raping a schoolgirl and breaking curfew rule>chaosafrica


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