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Girl 13 made pregnant by grand mom’s 61- year old boyfriend


The girl, who turned 13 in February, clasps her hands nervously as she speaks of her “oupa” who allegedly raped her on several occasions last year. The frightened Grade 6 pupil only broke her silence to a relative last month when she could no longer hide her pregnancy.
Her 58-year-old grandmother has been raising her and her two siblings after their mother died six years ago. The heartbroken ouma says her berk, who is not related to the children, asked them all to move in with him that time.“I took this child with her two siblings because their father isn’t around,” she says.
“I worked every day until this year (when I retired), and he (the accused) used to look after the kids when they got home from school.“I never knew anything, I’ve never seen any strange behavior in the child or him so this was shocking,” she cries.

The teen says on 22 April, a friend told her she “looks pregnant” and she finally admitted to it.“I was playing at my uncle’s girlfriend’s house when she asked me if I was pregnant. I then told her what my pa did to me and she called my ma to tell her.”
She says the accused raped her on three occasions.“It started in October 2019, he put his hands in my pants and I asked him not to do that because I’ll tell ma, but he didn’t stop and put his fingers in my private parts.“I didn’t tell ma because I was scared.
“Then in November, he rubbed my arm and didn’t say anything, he just took off my pants, and put his manhood in my private part, but my sister came home and he stopped.“Later in November, he did the same thing, I pushed him away, but he was too strong, I bit him, but he didn’t stop.”

While talking, the self-conscious meisie keeps trying to conceal her burgeoning belly under her fluffy nightgown. She says she is terrified of giving birth as she doesn’t know what to expect: “I’m scared, I can’t sleep, I cry a lot.”The family still lives in the accused’s house.
The ouma says she confronted her berk, who handed himself over at Mitchells Plain SAPS on 22 April.“I said ‘hoe kon jy, daai is my kleinkind’, the child started crying and said ‘pa forced it’,” she says.“He went to give himself up for arrest and I took the child to the gynae the next day where they confirmed her pregnancy.”
She says by then it was too late for an abortion: “I only realise now that she had been wearing this gown to hide it.”She says they do not yet know the gender of the baby, but have decided to keep it and won’t be giving it up.
The suspect is due back in Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court on 28 August and is currently out on bail. The granny says the accused is now living in Lentegeur with his sister>chaosafrica


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