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Cameroon Pastor Frakline Ndifor Who Claimed To Cure Covid-19, Dies From Virus


Cameroonian Pastor Frakline Ndifor who claimed to cure Coronavirus through laying hands on sick patients has died from the Covid-19 virus.

The Pastor who was a Presidential candidate in the 2018 Cameroon Presidential elections died from Coronavirus a week after testing positive.

His death left thousands of his congregants in panic after the pastor had laid hands on them to cure and give them divine Covid-19 immune.

Hundreds of his followers gathered at his house to sing, claiming he was not dead & was just sleeping.

Cameroon police used force to gain access to the pastor’s residence in the economic capital of Douala, as some of his supporters blocked entrances, praying for his resurrection.

Hundreds of the pastor’s followers sang on Sunday morning at Ndifor’s residence that the man popularly referred to as “the prophet” was not dead, but on a spiritual retreat with God, and would return soon. Their singing and prayers were broadcast by several local radio stations.

Ndifor died and was buried in front of his residence on Saturday by workers of Cameroon’s Covid-19 response team in the city.

Twitter reacts to Pastor Frakline Ndifor death
People’s interpretation of the Bible is what’s draining Africa. A lot of refuse to make our brains function. We are fighting spirits when the colonizers are still around and active in our land causing us to suffer.

And those who brought the Bible to Africa are in Labs busy trying to find cure.. But us, the receivers are busy condemning the virus to disappear miraculously.

I don’t believe this a bit. That means all his church members who gathered at his house are all infected. I might have died of something else not Corona and people want to mock God. He said nothing is impossible with him and with His stripes we are healed. I still believe in God.

May we not die avoidable deaths. Remember there is a scripture teaches how you do not have to put your God to test.

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