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Garamumba Iwe4 Concert Update: Drama As Stunner Switchs Off Monitors During Mudiwa Hoods Performance


The live performance of the two friends as they tell people and multi award winning rappers turned out to be a fight of emotions and disorder on stage after both of them failed to contain their anger and lost it in front of 20k+ views.

They requested for a battle and negotiated to a payment of 4K from Prophet Passion Java. Most people were waiting for the performance to be broadcasted and amongst the singers were also 2Bad and Abisha, Mbeu and Band then Chillspot family who did very well.

However the two friends spoiled everything as they ended up bashing each other with bars and showing of to each other car keys so much that Mudiwa Hood ended up asking Stunner to bring out a US$100 if he wanted him to leave the stage.

Mudiwa Hood’s mic wasn’t sounding right and soon after the show he posted that Stubber switched off monitors to ruin his performance.

“Stunner Stunner…welldone u fooled the world….but 4k inopera wangu…

We had our sound coming from 2 different decks, only mine had horse delayed vocals…i couldnt hear monitor, i couldnt play ndaita Mari why…

You felt the hit live…and u turned to attacking me…i only produced money and keys to respond to you…But you know if u had to stick to the plan no one would have produced and money…100 yaramba kubuda hayo?

Fam u cant get 4k and use it to sabotage…

I was battling Stunner and the Sound Engineer…

Well played…

Truth be told i am a brand…i drew 23.4k on one channel…your sabotage will come out clear cause whenever i do my own LIVE SET.


1.Swicth off monitors wen i am performing.

2.Give me a horse voice on the mic with delayed sound to monitors

3. Separate sound output dats why we had different sound outputs that only affected mine…

4. Only when i got your (STUNNER) MIC they stopped me From singing and cut the Ndaita Mari set !!! OPEN YOUR EYES

Guys this was PURE SABOTAGE!!!

Below are WHATSAPP with wat we agreed with PASSION

U started attacking me cause u felt the hit fam…”Mudiwa Hood said.

Stunner Stunner…welldone u fooled the world….but 4k inopera wangu…We had our sound coming from 2 different…

Posted by Mudiwa Hood on Wednesday, May 20, 2020


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