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R1 500 fine for Cape Town couple caught having sex in car during lockdown


Cape Town – A Mitchells Plain man and an unidentified woman have been slapped with a R1 500 fine for having sex in public during lockdown.

The shocked couple were caught with their pants down by cops and law enforcement officers who were out patrolling just after 3am on Wednesday.

A police source said they spotted a silver Hyundai i10 parked on a vacant property in Sayed Abdul Samad Street in Westridge in Mitchells Plain.

The windows were rolled up and steamed up, and the car was rocking.

“We did our normal nightshift lockdown patrols in Mitchells Plain when we came across this suspicious silver car parked on a property that has no house or fencing, it’s just an empty plot.

“When we got closer, they didn’t even notice that we were there until we knocked on the window,” said the cop.

“They got a groot skrik (fright) and they were just wearing T-shirts and had no pants on.”

The Daily Voice approached the owner of the car for comment about the steamy incident but he has denied involvement and said he had sold his car to someone in Westridge four weeks ago.

A 38-year-old resident in Sayed Abdul Samad Street said he was not aware of the incident but has seen the car parked on that spot before.

“I’ve seen that car there before, it’s not the first time, that property is open and anyone can stand there because it’s vacant land.

“But I’ve seen at least three cars park there during the night before. I didn’t think they would still take chances during lockdown.”

The cops issued the man with a fine for public indecency and let the couple go.

Law Enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said: “The City’s Law Enforcement Department issued a fine of R1 500.

“Other questions with regard to this case should be referred to the South African Police Service.”

SAPS Spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said they had no such case recorded.

“This office has no record of this matter,” said Captain FC van Wyk>chaosafrica


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